Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Fulani herdsmen machete 10yr old girl,throw her into a well alongside her 2 brothers in Benue(Photos)


10 year old Miss Wuese Yaku who resides at Iorngaem Iortyom compound at Mbanev, Imbesev, Yaav ward of Turan in Kwande local government area of Benue state cheated death in the hands of Fulani militia.

She was matcheted severely on the neck as well as hand and equally thrown in a well with his two elder brothers, Saater Yaku and Vershima Teryima.

The little girl was covered by the blood of Jesus Christ as she did not only die in the well but managed to crow out with the battered injuries inflicted on her by the sword of the dreaded Fulani militia.

As she searches for her way home, she encountered some Tiv locals who rushed her to the hospital in Jato Aka in the pool of her blood.

The lucky Miss Wuese Yaku is recuperating in a local hospital in Jato Aka amidst severe pains.She would have been better at a bigger medical facility but for poverty.

Up to this moment, the corpses of his two brothers, Saater and Vershima are yet to be recovered just as that of one Zungwenen Ungwaga Orhungur who was killed same day by the militia.

Zungwenen Ungwaga Orhungur is a younger brother to Comrade Joe Shimaor, Honourable Commissioner for Arts, Culture and Tourism, Benue state.

This the updates of Fulani militia killings in Jato Aka which still persists.

Am making this post to attract the attention of public spirited individuals and cooperate bodies to come to the aid of little Miss Wuese Yaku whose parents are relatively poor and in psychological trauma to help facilitate her medical bills having cheated death in the hands of dreaded and merciless Fulani militia.



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