Wednesday, 6 June 2018

See how a Nigerian pastor healed a mad man on his way to Onitsha(Photos)

A Nigerian pastor Ephraim Ononye has taken to Facebook to share the story of how he healed a mad man on his way to Onitsha.Read the shared by him before...


From Abakaliki, Heading to Onitsha for Wednesday prayer at Power House Assembly, Onitsha/Obosi branch, I got to Awkuzu junction and instead of driving straight to Onitsha, I lost control of myself and diverted to Nteje.

I knew I wasn't myself but could not help myself until I saw this mad man and I stopped, he walked straight to me and said, "That thing you told me that was written, do it now".

"Ife afu Igwaam na edee n'aukwo mee ya kita"

The spirit of God said to me, "Yes do it now"

I have not seen this mad man before and I dont have business with Nteje.  I Ephraim Ononye was a little bit afraid because I don't know my way through Nteje and the people don't know me.

I summoned courage and got down, called people around and they helped me with seazors, water, soap, and even directed me where to buy clothes .

They only warned me that the man could be violent, telling me that his name is Chinedu, from that very community but has been mad for a very long time.

Yes, for sure, God has remembered him.
Doubting Thomaes can still doubt this.
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After a little word of prayers, I carried out my assignment.

Someone is responsible for his madness.

Before I left, Chinedu was 100% normal, I gave out my phone numbers because I knew I will receive a call that somebody in his village (who is responsible for Chinedu's madness) suddenly got mad in reaction to Chinedu's deliverance.

I had a one on one talk with the same man that was mad. In fact, he told me he was a business man at Alaba international Lagos before he lost his senses.

We went to an eatery and ate together while the entire villager were watching.

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